By Tree Men Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-01
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 353.53 MB
  • Developer: Tree Men Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 363 Ratings


*** RECOMMENDED DEVICE: iPhone SE/iPhone6 OR BETTER *** PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you work as a getaway driver. Pick up your crew from heist spot, escort them to safety in dramatic chase against the cops, repeat and compete in the leaderboards! Every run gains you money which can be used to buy new rides and locations. Get in, get out, get paid! FEATURES - Absolutely NO in-app purchases or ads - Easy controls! - Pick up crew members and escort them to safety - Vast handcrafted levels full of detail - Drive-by shooting action - Huge arsenal of cars to buy - Various guns and special perk items - Electro soundtrack by DKSTR - Leaderboards to compete - Achievements



  • One thing though

    By BoRo2000
    The chopper defense power up fails to defend me me from choppers every time
  • Fun and all, but...

    By Jay Villan
    It’s a really cool game, I love the graphics which give it an old feel but it doesn’t lag and you have a large variety of places and vehicles. However, when you’re using “Chase Camera Mode” it’s impossible to see where you are going at times or really anything else than an orange or black screen because of the graphic effects. It takes away the players ability to actually do anything besides hope you don’t get stuck or lose. Please fix that, because besides that it is an awesome game.
  • Please fix

    By Aidenxxxxxxxxxx
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! But when I am being chased and almost fall down a cliff or hole i die by the hole... what I try to do is put my car on the cliff wall that I fell down in before I hit the bottom and use my boost to climb back up but I die without hitting the ground! Pls do not try to fix the climbing walls thing I like that I can climb walls it makes the game more fun for me but PLEASE FIX THE CLIFF DEATH THING THAT KEEPS HAPPENING! Maybe you could make it so if you hit the ground or bottom of the cliff then you die.
  • Just not that fun.

    By Jayson Elliot
    Gimmicky, but the actual gameplay is weak.
  • Great Game! Some other things would be nice.

    I have played the Original Pako and Fell in love with it. I loved all the maps, cars, customization, and my favorite level, Airport. When This game first came out, my old phone, an Iphone 5, couldn’t run it. When I got a better phone, One of the first things I did was download this game. Its a Great Pay Once And Play Game! I was NOT disappointed when I played Pako 2. The controls were fluid, the various vehicles and maps looks great, the OST is amazing, and The gameplay is addicting, far more than 1-2 Days. However, I would like to see more stuff. It Would be Interesting to see a Level Like The OG Pako’s “Airport” To Be Implemented. Where you started as a Polygonal Character (Who You Could Customize) And Walked around the airport until you found a vehicle. I would also like to see more customization. One of my Favorite cars is whale, but the color is a bit bland for my tastes. I would like to have some sort of Paint Job On it. Every white surface could be a canvas! This Customization could also be used to upgrade your cars. Limits would be in place so you won’t make your Van a Roadking. I would also like to see more levels, Preferably in places that don’t speak “North America”. Let’s try Russia, Japan, England, And many other exotic places! I love what you did with Pako 2 so far and can’t wait for future updates!
  • Just a few things

    By abandon ship
    This game is fun. However when I fall off of a cliff/height the game crashes. Can you add a few more game modes too. A multiplayer game mode would be great along with race, duel and of course the PAKOpacolyps. One thing that annoys me though is the fact of how the cops simply run into you. Please fix that. As usual new cars and maps would be cool. P.S. could you make a tank, swat van and more enemy’s. This game is great and completely worth the price. P.P.S. Can you make it so you can switch weapons in the car lot.
  • Sooo... disappointing.

    By pHghost
    I wanted to like this game. It looks so much fun. And the first maybe 30 minutes or an hour was like that. But then, suddenly, there are three times as many cops from the start of the game, the cops visibly spawn just in front of your car, causing you to crash, some crashes randomly do a lot more damage. The game stopped being fun and is more frustrating than anything. The design and colour scheme of some of the later levels (which you save up a lot of money to unlock) is so confusing that it makes it even more frustrating. Reading through the reviews, I’m clearly not the only one with these issues. Seriously thinking about getting a refund. :(
  • Super fun cross of Crazy Taxi and GTA

    By tytwin
    If you like the idea of ferry passengers from point a to point b while being chased by cops and copters shooting at you, then this is the game for you. Totally fun and addicting. There are a variety of cars with different stats to choose from. There seem to be many that have the same stats, but I do not know if they drive differently as I do not own them all yet. Devs: Please have an option to turn off the how to play screens every run you make. I promise I have not forgotten how to control the car after every run! 😉
  • Lag heaven

    By Oldschoolcrate
    Very laggy on a iPhone X after 6-10+ picks ups etc or it would be a more enjoyable game if that didn’t happen.
  • Rogue-like driving game

    By MrGoodbye
    TLDR: don’t get it I don’t think there’s an end to this game. It looks like a grind fest to buy more cars. This game is frustrating; not fun. Also, the stylized graphics makes it hard to navigate the map. So there’s a lot of trial and error to learn the map. Only the checkpoints change each game, which makes this feel like a rouge-like game. Also, this game is not playable on an iPhone 6+ as the frame rate will drop to 0 and it’ll look like you are teleporting.