By Tree Men Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-01
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 353.53 MB
  • Developer: Tree Men Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 473 Ratings


*** RECOMMENDED DEVICE: iPhone SE/iPhone6 OR BETTER *** PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you work as a getaway driver. Pick up your crew from heist spot, escort them to safety in dramatic chase against the cops, repeat and compete in the leaderboards! Every run gains you money which can be used to buy new rides and locations. Get in, get out, get paid! FEATURES - Absolutely NO in-app purchases or ads - Easy controls! - Pick up crew members and escort them to safety - Vast handcrafted levels full of detail - Drive-by shooting action - Huge arsenal of cars to buy - Various guns and special perk items - Electro soundtrack by DKSTR - Leaderboards to compete - Achievements



  • Fix it

    By MSteezy420
    Love getting high scores when the game won’t crash...
  • Fix the driving

    By JobraKai
    The car/van pulls so far to the direction you steer it’s very difficult to steer compared to pako forever. Tap left to barely move left and it pulls way more than is tapped on the screen. Please fix bc this game has potential to be great!
  • Just ok. Frustrating

    By Axominster
    I like the new Pako free game. So I get that you can’t touch anything or you lose health. But the most frustrating thing about this game is definitely the stupid helicopter. It’s complete BS. Once you play for a few minutes it comes and rains down bullets, each of which will take away 1 of your few health points. Another frustrating point is that when you’re hit there’s no pause moment where you can’t get hit. This means if a cop comes from off the screen (you’re driving blind, it’s an overhead game) and hits you, you come to a complete stop. And all it takes is a couple of the 4 cops behind you to hit you right in a row and your 3 health points are gonna and it’s game over. The first person view is a joke. You barely tap the screen to steer and the car goes like 45 degrees in that direction. The controls are worse than grand theft auto 3. I wanna like this game. I really do. But the health loss makes it too frustrating.
  • Awful

    By Sir.ALi
    I bought it and dead regretful . My phone is iphone x and it crashes and freeze all the time. (I mean ALL the time)
  • Pretty good

    By soccermom777777
    If you enjoy open world games then this will definitely tick your box. There were a few bugs, but they were pretty minor. For instance, there’s one that if you boost off a high cliff the game will crash and the helicopters can shoot you under bridges. (I wouldn’t call the last one a bug really) The shotgun is very overpowered, so id suggest saving up for the car “isoville” if you like that I m B e t t e r T h a n E v e r y o n e feeling, however that feeling will go away after 9 jobs, when the cops start shooting back at you. Also this game gets really hard really quickly. So just letting you know. Overall, this is a pretty good game, definitely worth my 2 bucks
  • Better destruction quality

    By qualitymemes9867
    I would like to see an update where the crashes are more realistic love the game but I would really like when you hit things like buildings parts fall off of both the car and building and a little bit of an warp effect and more bending when the car hits things
  • Suggestions

    By 08richard
    1.I think this is a really great game but I think I have suggestions that will maybe make it even better now I know that the game is more on the realistic side but can you somehow bring back apakocalypse mode back with the meteors and zombies and tanks you can make the tanks like the helicopter and tower that shoots you with missiles and moves a bit. 2.can you make a mode called on foot mode it’s a mode that you start off as person and you can hijack cars now I know it would defeat the purpose of buying a car but it would be really cool so you can shoot as a person for the person controls just add 2 joysticks 1 for moving 1 for shooting and you can go inside buildings that you are robbing and even if you don’t tap the mode you still have the ability to get out of the car and hijack other cars. 3.can you add the ability to switch weapons in the used car lot that will be great. That’s it for now keep up the good work!
  • Poor framerate even on XS Max

    By Amiantos
    First off, want to say I was a big fan of PAKO, bought it both on my phone and Apple TV. PAKO 2 seems like a really smart reimagining of that game, adding a bit more of a goal around the proceedings that’s a refreshing take. Basically the scope is way bigger and that makes the game more interesting. The bigger locations and variety seem really cool. In short, I think this is a fantastic sequel from a conceptual standpoint. However the execution isn’t quite there. My complaints boil down to two things. 1) I am playing on an XS Max, and it doesn’t make any sense to me that PAKO 2 lags and has an inconsistent / low framerate. It stutters, which makes the game harder because you often need to make small moves at just the right time to pull off dodges, and when the framerate stutters or becomes inconsistent everything becomes harder and frustrating. This is a game where you have to play the same levels over and over and over again, for that to remain fun the experience of playing the game can’t be frustrating because of bad performance. 2) The graphics are cool and I love the new detailing and world building, but there are a lot of poorly applied textures and really bad areas in the graphics of every level. Playing in the new chase cam mode makes this way more apparent. The first level should not have any stretched textures or poor joins between textures, but it has many. I wonder if the developers bit off more than they could chew, because PAKO was very simple and small in comparison to PAKO 2, and it’s too bad what looks like a really stylish game ends up being hampered by a lack of polish. The chase cam mode is a nice addition that helps it match the features of the first game, but it makes this game too easy and the flaws in the visuals too obvious. I wish they had spent more time fixing polishing the environments, fixing bad textures and the like, and getting the framerate to remain consistent. Sorry guys, it’s still a cool game, but it’s not going to win any design awards in this state.
  • Great game even better

    By PhilW45
    One of my favorite games ever. It always reminded me if Rockstar’s Smuggler’s Run. Now with the new camera it’s even more like it. New cars and game play area. Freakbus now works as well (it kicked me out before when chosen). Splendid update!
  • Awesome game

    By TRAP OR DIE 420
    New chase cam is amazing. Makes the car so much easier to control